About Me

I am an experienced academic and I offer a comprehensive copy-editing and proofreading service for academics, postgraduate researchers, and professional writers. My aim is to provide a personnel service to all of my clients.

I specialise in editing work written by non-native users of English and have worked with clients from a large number of countries, including: China, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, the EU, and the Philippines.

My PhD was researched in Cardiff and, although my specialism is in English Literature, I have worked in a large number of academic disciplines, including: business (e.g. marketing, management, and logistics), economics (including finance and energy economics), law (including English Law, US Law, and international law), engineering, chemistry, physics, architecture, medicine, and earth sciences.

I regularly work on a wide range of documents, including: journal¬† articles, doctoral theses,¬† Master’s dissertations, and professional documents. I am also happy to help prepare journal selections, reviewer recommendations, and cover letters. I have worked on reports of less than 1,000 words and on theses of well over 100,000 words.

Most of my postgraduate clients have been recommended to me by their supervisors.

I use Track Changes when working on Word documents so that you can see the changes that have been made. Track Changes also enables me to leave notes on any points that I feel need your attention. I am also happy to work on LaTeX files.

I have over twenty years of experience of working on English-language writing by non-native users of English and I have worked in the print and publishing industry for over thirty years.